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Themed Events

With a complete service including decorations, music, games & food these events are perfect for corporate occasions.

Bond Theme

Our James Bond & Casino night is great entertainment complete with 'Terrorist Attack' M.C. Quiz, Actors, Props, Casino Tables, Games & Decorations.

Mardi Gras Theme

Authentic Brazilian Band, hi-tech lighting & props. Add dancers to enhance the excitement & color to this Brazilian theme night.

Caribbean Theme

Sunset backdrop with real sand 'beach', live 7ft palm trees, rocks, tropical plants, coconuts, pineapples, fishing nets & ropes, lights, shells, lobsters, crabs.

Complete your event with a Caribbean band. Many different styles to choose from i.e,. a trio perfoming soft sounds ideal background music for dinner and drinks or a five piece, perfect where dancing is required. For an extra bit of fun ask about hiring limbo dancers for audience participation, adding a cabaret spot to the night.


We have a stunning array of professional impersonators and the list is ever-growing! Ideal for performances at a variety of functions including Award ceremonies, advertising campaigns, openings, exhibitions, corporate and private parties for photo shoots and mix 'n' mingle -  the perfect ice-breaker.

Seeing Double!

Ali G is struck dumb by the beautiful Marilyn Monroe singer/ lookalike,  but not for long! Ali G made his 'mark' on just about all of the guests at our 'Hollywood Night' recently.

'Absolutely Cushtie'

Del-Boy knows a good deal when he sees one!
The talents of Number one look and sound-alikes Maurice and Sue have brought outrageous duo Patsy and Del-boy together for the first time. Allow the stars of T.V.'s two top award-winning comedy series, Absolutely Fabulous and Only Fools And Horses, to mix and mingle at your special event...if you dare! Or consider Patsy and Edina for some female fun!

Walkabouts / Icebreakers 

Trevor King has been amazing audiences for years with his close up magic.
Trevors' enthusiasm for and skill at his craft coupled with a naturally warm cheeky personality are the reasons why his performance effervesce with energy ensuring his audience is always entertained.


Fondue Fountain


Using a Walkabout Artist is an ideal way to  'break the ice', encouraging  your guests to mingle & converse with each other whilst awaiting the arrival of the Happy Couple to get the party started! Most popular are the Close-up Magicians, Caricaturists & Human Statues that 'come alive'! Tarot Readers in purpose-made tents are fun too!

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